Gift Guide 2019: Your Ideal Family Gift

December 20, 2018

Sharing a house with several generations of your family? Did you ever think of one universal Christmas gift that can please everyone? Sounds like an extremely time-efficient idea for the busiest time of year - December.

Making the whole house a greater place for everyone is possible with just one stylish, funny and highly practical solution – Evapolar, the portable air conditioner that can travel around the house as often as needed.

Evapolar can serve various goals, depending on your preferences. Let’s walk through the rooms and see how Evapolar can change the quality of life for the better.

The kids' room

Deep sleep is a crucial component in maintaining a healthy development of newborns, toddlers, and preschoolers. It remains as one of the most discussed topics of baby care. Parents know about the importance of bedtime routines. Winding-down rituals should include not only bathing and storytelling but also lowering the temperature in the room. The ideal sleeping temperature for the kid’s room ranges between 18-22 C (64.4 – 71.6 F).

Gentle air cooling can easily be supported by the Evapolar air conditioner. It operates almost completely silently and stays within 28-40 dB, similar to that of a computer’s cooling fan. The humidity, provided by Evapolar, helps to keep the child’s mucous membranes hydrated. During the cold season, dry membranes become an easy barrier to microbes and viruses.


For the senior’s room

Grandpa and grandma require special attention and Evapolar can meet their needs too, so taking additional care of the parents is vitally important during the heat. Seniors are particularly sensitive to the temperature peaks. Older family members have fewer water reserves and do not always sense the signs of dehydration. The University of Chicago Medical Center warns that patients 65+ should be careful in summer, as up to 40% of heat-related fatalities in the U.S. happened within that age group.

Make sure that seniors stay in a cool place during the hottest part of the day and drink enough water. Let Evapolar create a comfortable microclimate within 3 to 4 m2 in their room or wherever they are located in the house.

old women.jpg

For home office

It is not easy to concentrate on work at home, which is why many people still prefer going to the office. Having a desktop device that can instantly impact the ease of concentration might help a lot. Reducing the noise in your head is a challenge in some cases. When it gets too hot and stuffy around the desktop, things go beyond conscious control. Creative solutions for an upcoming project deadline keep drifting away, you do less work and make more mistakes.

Evapolar serves a stable support to the home office protagonist. Researchers found the direct correlation of productivity to the air quality: the rising levels of air pollution in the office result in declining rates of overall phone calls during the day. Don’t forget, the same applies to the home office. Showing better results from the remote office always satisfies management and gains brownie points.


For the master bedroom

A cool bedroom is better for a restful sleep, the best temperature for adults to signal the start of melatonin emissions (sleep-regulating hormone) is 15 – 18 C (60 – 67 F). When it comes to keeping bedroom full of passion, a low temperature definitely matters too. When it is too cold, your partner might not want to leave the warmth under the blanket and take the sheets off.

On the contrary, turning the heating on may result in loss of blood pressure in the male partner and a difficult time in getting things back. This is a matter of personal taste but for better sex life and higher quality of sleep, a temperature of 19 - 21 Celsius (67 - 70 F) is generally best.

Keeping the marital fire is a task for two, try playing with the subtle temperature balance and fine-tune it with the help of the portable Evapolar cooling device.

Quality family time creates bonds

The Evapolar air conditioner which is set in communal spaces is helpful in creating stronger family bonds. Studies show that children value moments of everyday activities and unplanned social interactions at home more than those of planned big occasions. Create an inspiring and recharging environment by triggering communication between family members. Set aside special time to bond with your housemates, share the moments of caring, discuss hobbies or just chat about silly things. Arrange a home-cooked meal which always brings people closer.

Enjoy the holiday season, eat, drink and celebrate the bliss of having each other. Buy Evapolar whole-family Christmas gift at a great price with our special promo code.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!